Emil Lassaria & F Charm – Like A Ferrari

Like a Ferrari
Este oficial aici! Inca o piesa de pe noul album ce urmeaza a fi lansat, a lui Emil Lassaria si F. Charm a fost urcata pe contul de YouTube a lui F. Charm. Muzica si versurile la ‘Like a Ferrari’ au fost scrise de F. Charm iar orchestratia de Emil Lassaria.

Emil Lassaria & F Charm – Like A Ferrari (Extended Version)

Versuri Emil Lassaria & F. Charm – Like A Ferrari

Chorus :

Pump it
Yo style is wicked come to party
The way u groovin u’re so naughty
Roll it
Yo like a hunter in safari
The best design bab u’re hot like a Ferrari

Verse :

You turn me on sweet miss
How could u make me this
Now i need yo tenderness
Deep in the night
I can’t forget yo kiss
My soul is full of bliss
You give me heart desease
Let’s do it right

Jingle :

Yes aya we’ve got the real thing thing thing thing shining more than a diamond ring
The dream team in yo speakers now F.charm and the one and only Emil Lassaria
gives you madication fo the brain and body……. respect to the maximum …come nooow !!!!!!


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  1. Voicu Cosmin spune:

    Asta ruupe .F Charm do his job very well,si de Lassaria nu mai am ce zice,maestru !!

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