Emil Lassaria & F.Charm – Samurai

Se pare ca baietii se grabesc sa lanseze albumul, deoarece ‘Samurai’ este a treia piesa lansata aceasta luna de Emil Lassaria si F.Charm. Ca de obicei, muzica si textul au fost compuse de F.Charm iar orchestratia de catre Lassaria.

Emil Lassaria & F.Charm – Samurai (Extended Version)

Versuri Emil Lassaria & F. Charm – Samurai

Intro :
This is another bangin,special,shockin riddim
Fo all the single ladies in the place
Lassaria in the mix with the proud of a squire
and F.Charm with the flow to rotate all tires
Always ready to set the TNT on the dancefloor
We’ve got shockin nasty vibes you know
Now mix it up , Blow !!!

Verse :
We sip Baccardi and we puff
Get up on the floor
We use to blow the hottest stuff …gimme
a pumpin dream
i love yo style u never muff
Yo’re pure like a dove
Yo’re pure like a dove… check out
Move to left to the right yo my type
coz i like the way u sweat
Than you came with the charm like a bomb on the drum
and i feel no no regret
Lady come in my bed when u wet coz i bet
imma bang yo body dead
When u bite your lips so bad
Gonna make ma clover red

Chorus :
like a samurai samurai samurai
You swag like a samurai
Your love is undercover
Like a samurai samurai samurai
You swag like a samurai
You’re ma geisha lover
Wind yo body
my baby rock yo body
I wanna feel yo body
Come closer shake upon me 2x


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6 Responses

  1. paulV spune:

    mai bine il lasa pe F Charm pe afara , strica toate instrumentalele

  2. Deejay Chriss spune:

    inca una???? doamne iartama chear k exagereaza…imi9 place Lassaria dar frate chear exagereaza si cu

  3. darius spune:

    Super piesa…terminati…ce dak face numa cu F.Charm,ies melodiile super ?

  4. frumusyk_brunetzik spune:

    super melodie .. imi place la nebunie

  5. reddogionut spune:

    unde sunt piesele de gen 9MM sau Guantanamera nu mai au inspiratie

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