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Lupaş Alexandru

I am a young dj and producer from Romania, born on the 23rd of june, 1996 in Bacau. I like to make art works in photoshop and to compose music in FL Studio.I love music because everytime I listen to it,it charges me with a positive energy that helps me facing the obstacles given by life, making me to defeat them. Fedde Le Grand is my biggest inspiration and mentor. Also, I see music like a muse for everything I do and it inspires me in my spare time. The graphic part has helped me a lot to work with some well-known artists such as: Dony, Chris Thrace, Dj Dark, Iulian Florea, Elekes Levente, Pascal Junior, Starchild, Andra, Gojira & Planet H, Alex Mica, Dj Vianu, Glorya etc. In 2013, I was nominated for Best Younger Remixer Award.

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