sariu – summer

sariu – summer


Someone Else – Barbay
Nhan Solo – Tell You
Feist – Honey Honey
Dubphone – Bongo de Congo (Ben Tax Remix)
Einmusik – Jabloko
Tapesh – Boya Chile
Charles Ramirez – Insane ( sariu edit )
Alexis Cabrera-High Tide


DJ Passy, real name Ilinof Sabin. He started off as a casual listener of various forms of electronic music. He began to discover and search for more of his personal taste across the different genres; mainly deep house, tech house and funky, making one set per week with new tracks and unreleased material for promotion across the web via blogs, pages and also radio shows. He began to develop a taste for production and over the recent years, started using various software programs, advancing to different forms of hardware devices. He has been invited to perform at many gigs in various clubs in his hometown and had many requests to host private parties. Whatever comes next for Ilinof Sabin, is only limited to his own efforts. The sky is the limit.

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