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Xonia – Why

Xonia Why
Xonia are pentru noi o noua piesa intitulata Why, ce va fi inclusa pe noul album care va fi lansat in curand. Muzica a fost compusa de catre Xonia impreuna cu F.Charm iar orchestratia de catre FlyinState.

Xonia ‘WHY’ (Prod. by FlyinState)

Versuri Xonia – Why

Can you feel it?
There’s something in the air
And I know it
The evidence is there
You can fake it
You won’t have me fooled I swear
Why, love isn’t fair when you hide an affair

Pre: Chorus
You took my heart apart like a work of art
I kept praying, saying I am dreaming
But you took my worst nightmare and nursed it to become true

You left bleeding deep inside
Dying deep inside
I’ve got to get away from you
You can’t love the way I love you

I love you

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