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Emil Lassaria & F.Charm – She Wanna Ride

She Wanna Ride
O noua piesa de pe noul album al lui Emil Lassaria & F.Charm a fost lansata, este vorba de She Wanna Ride. Ca de obicei muzica si versurile au fost compuse de F. Charm iar orchestratia de catre Emil Lassaria.

Emil Lassaria & F.Charm – She Wanna Ride (Extended Version)

Versuri Emil Lassaria & F.Charm – She Wanna Ride

Intro :
From underground to the highest ground
From east to the wild wild west from north to the dirty south
F.charm & Emil Lassaria always on the right spot
And i see her and i tell her …

Verse :
Baby u look teriffic eh when u shake it
It’s like a combat zone
My heart goes crazy oh so crazy when u lick it
You make me lose control
Better let yo naughty body wind than get naked
Bab u desirve the throne
This kind of riddim makes u mmm do not fake it
Just let yo body flow

PreChorus :
So if u want it fast fast fast i’m yo cyclone
Now if u want it rough rough rough i’ll make u moan
And if u want it slow slow slow gimme a call
Fo any type of wish wish wish i’m in the zone so

Chorus :
If you wanna ride Hey !!!
Baby ride my horse
So if you wanna ride
Than ride my horse Hey!!!

5 thoughts on “Emil Lassaria & F.Charm – She Wanna Ride

  1. Slabutza piesa…eu zic k lassaria a scos prea multe comerciale anul acesta,inteleg k vrea sa fie in topuri dar cam exagereaza,putea macar sa schimbe solistul cu F.Charm toate piesele suna la fel

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